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Windows 365 Business 4 vCPU, 16 GB, 128 GB – Monthly Payment – Monthly Commitment Subscription License


Elevate your business efficiency with Windows 365 Business—a seamless Cloud PC solution designed for organizations of all sizes. Opt for the flexibility of a Monthly Commitment, offering a convenient monthly payment structure for businesses prioritizing adaptability and straightforward budgeting.

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Key Features:

  • Adaptable Deployment: Tailored for businesses seeking flexible Cloud PC implementation.
  • Monthly Affordability: Enjoy the convenience of a monthly commitment, ensuring budget-friendly operations.
  • Effortless Management: Provision and manage Cloud PCs seamlessly using Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Licensing Requirements:

Ensure each user is licensed for:

  • Windows 11 Business or Windows 10 Business, Intune, and Microsoft Entra ID P1
  • Alternatively, consider one of the specified Microsoft 365 versions: Business Premium

Streamlined Windows Experience:

Securely stream your Windows experience, encompassing personalized apps, content, and settings, from the Microsoft cloud to any device with your Windows 365 Business Cloud PC.


Monthly Commitment Advantage:

  • Financial Flexibility: Embrace a monthly payment structure for adaptability in your budgeting.
  • Short-Term Planning: Align your business goals with a monthly commitment for short-term flexibility.

Windows 365 Business FAQs

What are the benefits of buying Microsoft Windows 365 Business with 365 Cloud Store?  

Purchasing Microsoft Windows 365 through our store is a simple and efficient process, you will have access to pre-sale and post-sale assistance, as well as the possibility of volume and term pricing.  

How do I purchase Microsoft Windows 365 at your store?  

You can have access to our store through our menu, once on this page, it is as simple as buying from your favorite online store: 

  1. Use the search bar to look up ‘Windows 365 Business’. 
  2. Add the selected items to your cart. 
  3. Fill out your contact information to check out. 
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from our store. 
  5. One of our Microsoft Licensing experts will contact you within 4 business hours after you complete your order to finish the purchase via our License Portal. 

What is Windows 365? 

Windows 365 is the world’s first cloud PC. It delivers a personalized Windows experience where each user can securely stream the desktop, apps, settings, and content from the Microsoft cloud to their devices. 

How is Windows 365 licensed? 

Windows 365 is offered as a per user license. The computer/storage costs are included in the per-user license purchased. Note: Multiple users of a single cloud PC are not supported or permitted at this time. 

Do you sell, support, deploy Windows 365? 

Yes. Windows 365 is delivered via Microsoft’s CSP program, which means you can purchase licenses, just as you would any other Microsoft subscription-based service, such as Microsoft 365. You can also count on our CSP support, read more here. 

Are there prerequisites for Windows 365? 

Windows 365 has two editions: Business, and Enterprise. Windows 365 Business does not have any underlying prerequisites. 

Windows 365 Enterprise does have prerequisites; for more details, see Windows 365 requirements | Microsoft Docs. 

How do I know which edition of Windows 365 is right for our organization? 

  • Windows 365 Business is a one-size fits all solution, for up-to 300 users. 
  • Windows 365 Enterprise provides more manageability by allowing Microsoft Endpoint Manager-based provisioning, for unlimited users. 

What is the difference between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop? 

Windows 365 was designed for simplicity, allowing customers to get the benefits of personalized Cloud PCs without requiring VDI or Azure Expertise. 

Azure Virtual Desktop, on the other hand, is highly customizable to allow for maximum flexibility. It is consumption-based rather than subscription-based and provides additional functionality that is not yet available in Windows 365. 



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