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Teams PowerPack – Microsoft Teams Call Analytics Agent – Monthly Payments – Monthly Commitment Subscription License


Teams PowerPack – Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring call performance and quality.
Businesses can gain visibility of their auto attendants, cloud queues, and end-users call activity to optimize communication processes and enhance business performance.​
Teams PowerPack – Call Analytics gathers native Microsoft Teams data to offer valuable call activity and performance insights.​

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Features include:
    • Powerful search and filtering tools: Quick access to data and insights
    • User-friendly interface: Easy to deploy, learn, and use
    • Native reporting of your Teams data: Business metrics and technical performance data through a single pane of glass

Assess resource utilization, improve customer service, and streamline technical troubleshooting

    • For Sales and Marketing teams: Assess individual and team performance to optimize strategies and increase conversion rates.
    • For Customer Service teams: Measure call metrics, identify training areas, and optimize response times to enhance service quality and minimize wait times.
    • For IT teams: Manage, monitor, and troubleshoot call quality with detailed technical call reporting.

*Note: This license requires at least one Microsoft Teams Call Analytics Queue license

Teams PowerPack – Call Analytics is a tool for Microsoft Teams that enhances business performance by providing better visibility into call activity. It allows users to monitor call performance and quality in one place. Teams PowerPack has a user-friendly interface, provides native reporting of Teams data, and offers powerful search and filtering tools for efficient analysis.

Teams PowerPack – Call Analytics collects and processes data from Microsoft Teams to provide insights into call activity and performance. It offers a user-friendly interface, native reporting, and powerful search and filtering tools. Users can access comprehensive reports, analyze call data, and optimize their Teams calling experience based on the provided insights.

Teams PowerPack – Call Analytics is the easiest way to obtain and visualize call data and statistics from Microsoft Teams Voice and providing managers with the information they need to better monitor and make better business decisions.

By using Teams PowerPack – Call Analytics for Microsoft Teams, you can achieve several results, including:

  • Visibility to business metrics and technical performance: Teams PowerPack offers a single pane of glass view, allowing you to access and analyze both business metrics and technical performance data. This comprehensive visibility helps you understand the effectiveness of your communication efforts and make informed decisions to improve them.
  • Easy deployment, learning, and usage: Teams PowerPack is designed to be easy to deploy, learn, and use. You can quickly set it up and start leveraging its features without extensive training or complex configurations. This ease of use enables you to maximize the benefits of call analytics without significant time investment.
  • Quick access to data and insights: With its user-friendly interface, Teams PowerPack provides quick access to relevant data and insights. You can efficiently navigate through native reports, leverage powerful search and filtering tools, and extract the information you need to make data-driven decisions promptly.

Yes, Teams PowerPack goes beyond basic Call Detail Record (CDR) reports by offering a single user-friendly interface, native reporting of Teams data, including insights of your auto attendants, cloud queues, and end-users.

Teams PowerPack goes beyond Microsoft’s default data retention period of 30 days by offering historical information on your call performance and quality for auto attendant, call queue, and end-users, extending the retention period to up to 60 days.

Yes, the Teams PowerPack allows you to gain visibility of your auto attendants, cloud queues, and end-users, enabling you to monitor call performance and quality.

To manage a Call Center on Microsoft Teams, we recommend exploring the BlueSky Contact Center. BlueSky Contact Center offers a range of features to modernize call center operations and streamline company communications. It provides capabilities such as screen pop with third-party application integration, advanced reporting and analytics, custom call routing, and live wallboards. These features are specifically designed to meet the requirements of a Call Center environment and enable efficient management of call center operations.





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