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Microsoft Teams Call Recording – Additional Storage – Monthly Payments – Monthly Commitment Subscription License


Effectively track and record Teams phone calls for compliance, training, or quality assurance purposes.
Include an additional TB (33,000 minutes of recording).  
Purchasing Microsoft Teams Call Recording Base Services is a prerequisite for acquiring this add-on

  • Support compliance: Ensure compliance with financial, healthcare, data protection, and PCI regulations, covering PCI, MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, SCA, CMS, and HIPAA 
  • Dispute resolution: Improve dispute resolution through agreement review, clear communication via stereo playback, and secure evidence storage 
  • Improve performance: Monitor and support your team to help them perform at their very best 
  • Best-in-class integration: Delivering all the capabilities you need in a single, Microsoft certified solution 

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Features include:
  1. Full communication capture: Capture all Teams communications, including audio compliance. Price may vary for video and screen sharing compliance.
  2. Easy search & playback: Easily search and play back recordings with tags, flags, and notes. Integrate with Dynamics for CRM access 
  3. Robust security & disputes: Encrypt and store recordings for compliance needs, like MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and HIPAA. Use recordings for audits or dispute resolution 
  4. GDPR compliance & reporting: Comply with GDPR by managing call recordings, deleting them as needed, and maintaining audit reports 


What is Microsoft Teams Call Recording, and what does it do?

The BlueSky UC Microsoft Teams Call Recording is a Microsoft-certified call recording and quality measurement solution designed to meet compliance regulations. It captures various types of calls, including audio, video, screens, and meetings, and provides business intelligence to improve sales and service performance. Enjoy Call Recording Additional Storage to gain insights and discover a path of improvement in your organization.

What types of calls does Teams Call Recording capture?

This solution captures every type of call, including audio, video, screens, and meetings. This includes Teams-to-Teams calls, internal calls, and calls to third-party phone systems, thanks to integration with the Microsoft Graph API. Gain granular vision by purchasing Microsoft Teams Call Recording Additional Storage.

Can I use this solution with different call services within Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can use this solution with various call routing options in Microsoft Teams. It is calling routing agnostic and compatible with Microsoft Call Plan, Direct Routing, Contact Center, and more.

Where are the recorded calls securely stored, and can I access them easily?

All recorded calls are securely stored in Azure. You can easily access them for reference, auditing, and training purposes. Azure provides a secure and reliable storage solution.

What additional features does Teams Call Recording offer beyond basic call recording?

This solution offers various additional features, including secure file-sharing, custom recording rules, performance assessment, and AI speech analytics. These features provide comprehensive capabilities for managing and analyzing recorded calls.





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