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Exchange Server Enterprise 2019 – Device CAL – Perpetual Software License – One-Time Payment


Unleash heightened productivity and collaboration with Exchange Server 2019—a robust solution providing feature-rich Outlook experiences across phones, tablets, desktops, and the web. Seamlessly integrate with Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business to elevate document collaboration. Engineered for security, optimal performance, and streamlined administration, Exchange Server 2019 empowers you to achieve more, introducing new capabilities like enhanced Bing-powered search, advanced calendaring with features like Do Not Forward, and simplified Calendar Sharing.

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Key Highlights:

  • Versatile Outlook Experiences: Enjoy enriched Outlook experiences on phones, tablets, desktops, and the web.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Integrate with Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business for improved document collaboration.
  • Security, Performance, and Management: Benefit from heightened security, optimal performance, and improved administration capabilities.
  • Innovative Capabilities: Leverage advanced features including enhanced Bing-powered search, Do Not Forward calendaring, and simplified Calendar Sharing.

Device Client Access License (CAL) Details:

  • CAL Requirement: A CAL is required for each device accessing the server software.
  • Easy Licensing: Purchase the appropriate number of device CALs for smooth user or device access to the server.
Select Exchange Server 2019 for an unparalleled collaborative and secure email management experience. Elevate your organization’s capabilities with innovative features and seamless integration, ensuring productivity across all devices. Invest in the right device CALs today for uncomplicated server access.

*A Client Access License (CAL) is required for each device that accesses the server software. Please purchase the appropriate number of device CALs for each user or device that accesses the server.

Exchange Server Licensing FAQs

What are the benefits of buying Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise 2019 with 365 Cloud Store?  

Purchasing Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise 2019 through our store is a simple and efficient process, you will have access to pre-sale and post-sale assistance, as well as the possibility of volume and term pricing.  

How do I purchase Microsoft Exchange at your store?  

You can have access to our store through our menu, once on this page, it is as simple as buying from your favorite online store: 

  1. Use the search bar to look up ‘Exchange Server Enterprise 2019’. 
  2. Add the selected items to your cart. 
  3. Fill out your contact information to check out. 
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from our store. 
  5. One of our Microsoft Licensing experts will contact you within 4 business hours after you complete your order to finish the purchase via our License Portal. 

Does Enterprise CAL require the Enterprise Server or vice versa? 

No. Both the Standard and Enterprise CALs can be used with either server edition. 

What are the licensing implications if I choose to run Exchange Server 2019 on a virtual machine rather than directly on a physical server? 

One server license (minimum 16-core license) is required for each running instance of Exchange Server 2019—whether it is installed natively on a physical machine or a virtual machine. 

If several users share the same desktop, do they each need an Exchange Enterprise CAL? 

Customers may still license Exchange Server 2019 with either per-user or per-device CALs. If several users share a desktop and do not individually access the Exchange server from other locations, such as their home PCs, then they can be licensed with one device CAL. 

Can a customer purchase certain features like the In-Place Archive separately from the Enterprise CAL? 

Customers can get the In-Place Archive and In-Place Hold features through Exchange Online Archiving for Exchange Server. They can also get advanced security through Exchange Online Protection. All other premium features are only available in the Enterprise CAL. 

For more detailed information, book a no-obligation, no-cost consultation with one of our Microsoft Licensing experts.


One time

License type:

Perpetual Software


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