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Exchange Online (Plan 2) – Annual Payment – Annual Commitment


Exchange Online Plan 2 stands as an enhanced iteration of Plan 1. In addition to the features offered in Exchange Online Plan 1, it provides the capability to archive mailbox content locally, offers increased mailbox storage space, and elevates the standard of protection for sensitive company data.


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Features and capabilities of Exchange Online Plan 2:

  • All the features encompassed in Exchange Online (Plan 1), along with additional storage, and data loss prevention.
  • Each user is granted 100 GB of mailbox storage and the ability to send messages up to 150 MB in size.
  • Benefit from extra mailbox storage, including 100 GB in the user’s primary mailbox and up-to 1.5 TBs in the user’s In-Place Archive.
  • Leverage hosted Unified Messaging services, offering call answering, a dial-in user interface, and company automated attendant capabilities.
  • Exercise control over sensitive business data through built-in data loss prevention (DLP) policies aligned with regulatory standards like personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry (PCI). These policies aid in identifying, monitoring, and safeguarding sensitive data through in-depth content analysis.

Exchange Online Licensing FAQs

What are the benefits of buying Microsoft Exchange with 365 Cloud Store?  

Purchasing Microsoft Exchange through our store is a simple and efficient process, you will have access to pre-sale and post-sale assistance, as well as the possibility of volume and term pricing.  

How do I purchase Microsoft Exchange Online Plan 2 at your store?  

You can have access to our store through our menu, once on this page, it is as simple as buying from your favorite online store: 

  1. Use the search bar to look up ‘Exchange Online Plan 2’. 
  2. Add the selected items to your cart. 
  3. Fill out your contact information to check out. 
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from our store. 
  5. One of our Microsoft Licensing experts will contact you within 4 business hours after you complete your order to finish the purchase via our License Portal. 

How is Exchange Online licensed? 

Exchange Online is licensed via a subscription model in which each user needs a User Subscription License (USL). Three types of subscriptions are available: Exchange Online Kiosk, Exchange Online Plan 1, and Exchange Online Plan 2. These subscriptions can be purchased on their own or as part of a Microsoft 365 plan that includes SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 Apps for business/enterprise. 

Do shared mailboxes require an Exchange Online license? 

No. Shared mailboxes don’t have login credentials, so they are only accessible by licensed users who have been granted delegate access (full mailbox permission, send as, or send on behalf of). Users accessing the shared mailbox do require an Exchange Online license. 

Shared mailboxes do not include a personal archive or legal hold capabilities. If you need these features, then you can purchase either Exchange Online Plan 1 or Plan 2 and assign it to the shared mailbox. 

There is no limit to the number of shared mailboxes though the size is limited to 50GB. If you require a shared mailbox that is larger than 50GB, an Exchange Online Plan 2 license will need to be assigned to it. 

Do conference rooms require subscriptions? Is there a limit to the number of them? 

No. Resource mailboxes, including Room Mailboxes and Equipment Mailboxes, are special mailbox types that are provided free of charge as part of Exchange Online. There is no limit to the number of conference room subscriptions. 

Can I enable In-Place Archive for a shared mailbox? 

You must assign the shared mailbox to either an Exchange Online Plan 1 plus Exchange Online Archiving subscription, or to an Exchange Online Plan 2 subscription in order to enable In-Place Archive. A shared mailbox cannot be used to archive email for an organization, except for those messages that are sent from the shared mailbox or received by the shared mailbox. 

Is there a limit on how long messages are stored in the primary mailbox or the archive? 

There are no limits on the duration of retention policy. You can set the retention duration based on your business needs. 

What does ‘’unlimited storage’’ means in Exchange Online Plan 2? 

The In-Place Archive feature in Exchange Online Plan 2 is part of Exchange Online Archiving (EOA). EOA provides up-to 1.5 TBs of email data storage for one user. The In-Place Archive has a default quota that is large enough to accommodate reasonable use (100 GBs). In the unlikely event that a user reaches this quota, Microsoft 365 automatically increases the size of the archive by 10 GBs until it reaches 1.5 TBs, which means that users would not run out of mailbox storage space and administrators would not have to request additional storage for archive mailboxes. 

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