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Microsoft Azure Licensing

Work with an Azure partner for complete, managed Microsoft Azure Licensing

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Microsoft Azure Licensing

Work with an Azure partner for complete, managed Microsoft Azure Licensing

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Azure Licensing with 365 Cloud Store

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Buy, deploy, and manage Azure services

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Customize a billing plan to meet your organization’s needs

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azure ICONS

Buy, deploy, and manage Azure services

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Customize a billing plan to meet your organization’s needs

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Optimize costs

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Receive simple, straightforward support


Microsoft Azure is a cloud service for IT pros that offers a scalable cloud infrastructure and a range of applications to power your business, such as web and application hosting, storage, scalability, high availability, and more.

How Microsoft Azure pricing works

Azure offers hundreds of products and services, and its pricing is consumption-based, so it can be complicated to pin down exact prices. However, Microsoft offers three main pricing models for its cloud resources:


Get monthly amounts of select services free, pay only for what you use beyond free amounts. No upfront commitment. Cancel anytime.

Reserved Instances

This pricing model offers cost savings in exchange for committing to use Azure services for one or three years, making them perfect for consistent workloads. 

Spot Instances

Previously referred to as Low Priority VMs, Azure spot instances use surplus compute resources, allowing workloads to operate at significantly lower costs.

*Note: Microsoft uses Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC) to calculate the usage. 

Try Azure for Free

Microsoft offers a $200 monthly credit for new Azure customers to use towards Azure consumption for 12 months. It can be used on 25+ popular services, such as Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Virtual Machines.

Microsoft Azure Licensing most popular plans

Azure SQL

Azure SQL comprises a suite of managed, secure, and intelligent offerings that leverage the Azure cloud’s SQL Server database engine. Azure SQL is built on the familiar SQL Server engine, enabling seamless application migration and continued use of your accustomed tools, languages, and resources. Your existing skills and expertise transition smoothly to the cloud, allowing you to maximize your current capabilities.

The Azure SQL family consists of 3 products:

Microsoft SQ; Licensing
Azure SQL Database

Designed to support modern cloud applications, it provides an intelligent, managed database service with serverless compute capabilities.

Microsoft SQL server Licensing
Azure SQL Managed Instance

Ideal for scaling your existing SQL Server applications, it offers a fully managed instance with almost 100% feature parity with the SQL Server database engine, suitable for most cloud migrations.

Microsoft Sql server Licensing
SQL Server on Azure VMs

Enables the effortless transfer of your SQL Server workloads while maintaining 100% SQL Server compatibility and providing access at the OS level.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a comprehensive service that offers a unified view for development, testing, and deployment, simplifying the process of setting up and maintaining an Azure environment. With this service, you can develop and deploy applications on Azure Virtual Machines.

DevOps offers 5 main services:

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Azure Repos

Offers a suite of version control utilities for code management through Git or Team Foundation Version Control.

Azure DevOps - Microsoft 365 Licensing
Azure Pipelines

Automates code project testing and builds.

Azure DevOps - Microsoft 365 Licensing
Azure Boards

Offers interactive and customizable tools for software management.

Azure DevOps - Microsoft Azure DevOps Licensing
Azure Test Plans

Provides features for scheduled manual, exploratory, and user acceptance testing, as well as feedback collection.

Azure DevOps Licensing
Azure Artifacts

Enables developers to share code and oversee package management.

Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)

This tool helps build isolated environments, or VMs, running the same OS on an Azure host. Each VM shares Azure resources like network bandwidth, CPU, memory, and storage with the host. 

You can easily create VMs for Linux and Windows from the Azure dashboard, choosing from a variety of options. Prices range from $2.74 USD per month to $1121.65 USD per month. 

Azure Blob Storage

This tool offers highly scalable data storage and management for large amounts of files and images. Your assets can be securely stored in the cloud and accessed from anywhere, even without an internet connection. It enables you to perform large-scale data operations, like creating copies of your entire account or using replication to distribute data across Azure regions. 

Blob Storage allows for easy horizontal scaling while Azure handles the infrastructure management, eliminating concerns about scaling and hardware maintenance.  

Discover the ideal Microsoft Azure Licensing plan for your organization

Our team of Microsoft Licensing specialists can help you navigate the complexities of Azure Licensing. Improve your operations, increase efficiency, and maximize profits with a team of experts by your side. 

Microsoft Azure Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

Azure offers various subscription models including Free Tier, Pay-As-You-Go, Enterprise Agreement (EA), and Microsoft Customer Agreement. The Free Tier allows exploration of limited services at no cost, while Pay-As-You-Go provides flexibility with payment based on usage. EA caters to larger organizations with volume discounts, and the Microsoft Customer Agreement offers flexibility for smaller businesses. 

For more information, go to our Azure licensing guide.

Bring Your Own License (BYOL) allows customers to utilize their existing licenses for certain software on Azure infrastructure, aiding in cost optimization by avoiding additional licensing fees. 

Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB) enables organizations to use existing on-premises licenses to reduce costs for specific Azure services, enhancing cost-effectiveness and leveraging existing investments. 

Azure Dev/Test Pricing offers special licensing options for development and testing environments, facilitating cost-effective innovation and experimentation by providing discounted rates for these purposes. 

Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) such as the 365 CloudStore play a crucial role in Azure licensing by benefit businesses through personalized support, flexible billing options, expert guidance, efficient license management, and access to additional Microsoft solutions. Partnering with a CSP streamlines Azure procurement and management processes, optimizing cloud resources for organizations.

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