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Use Microsoft Teams chat in Dynamics 365 to boost productivity

Microsoft Teams chat in Dynamics 365 to boost productivity

It is well known that collaboration is the key to business success. It takes a whole team to close a deal and keep customers satisfied, but we are not only talking about the sales team. Sales may need to collaborate with marketing colleagues, technical experts, or work closely with accounting. Something similar happens when it comes to customer support. Either way, both parts that need to communicate may be using multiple channels to piece together key information. Which is why Microsoft brought Microsoft Teams chat in Dynamics 365. 

Dynamics 365 brings together a set of intelligent business applications, allowing organizations to improve how they run their business. Embedding Microsoft Teams chat into Dynamics 365 will allow seamless collaboration and boost productivity levels. Basically, all the Teams rich chat functionalities in Dynamics 365. 

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How can you start using Microsoft Teams chat in Dynamics 365?

IT admins can configure this functionality to initiate or join connected chats at a record-type level. This helps tailor user experience for each of your business processes, like easily locating the account information, connecting to the team member within Dynamics 365 collaboration window, transferring a lead, or providing full account context to another user. 

This functionality has no additional cost for Dynamics 365 users. If you are an IT admin, read more about how to configure to allow users to join chats. 

Microsoft was running this chat in public preview, however, due to the response from the public starting this month (September 2022), it is generally available. 

As a Dynamics 365 user you will be able to:   

  • Start a connected chat in Dynamics 365  
  • Connect an existing chat or channel from a record  
  • View all connected chats related to the customer record within Dynamics 365 

Do you want to start taking advantage of this tool? Do not hesitate to contact one of our licensing experts for guidance on which technology or plan works better for your organization. 365 Cloud Store has Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 subscriptions available for you.

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