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Microsoft Power Platform helps your developer’s innovation evolve

Microsoft Power Platform helps your developer’s innovation evolve

During the past few years, the demand for apps has increased to a point where it is not sustainable for a company to hire enough high-tech developers. Today we know that incorporating low code into your development process is the best option to keep up with what the market is asking for.

According to Microsoft, 84% of organizations nowadays are already integrating their pro developers, citizen developers, and IT teams to enhance their processes and innovation.

Microsoft Power Platform helps your company fuse its teams and reach the level of productivity you are looking for. This leaves space for citizen developers to grow, IT teams to be involved, and pro developers to still use advanced logic.

Power Platform increases the value of companies by cutting back overall development costs, leaving the company time to market and a much faster return of investment.

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Where to start

  1. Start with a fully featured environment for your developers with the Power App Developers Plan.
  2. Introduce Power Apps pay-as-you-go to simplify the process of licensing and delivering the apps to your users’ hands.
  3. Enhance the collaboration between your pro developers, citizen developers and IT teams through Fusion Teams.
  4. Use advanced logic with the help of Power Fx, the formula language of Power App.
  5. Allow your developers to manage GitHub Code spaces through Visual Studio Code.
  6. Deliver rich user experience to mobile clients, now with the help of Power Apps mobile apps.

By integrating Microsoft Power Platform into your developer’s daily routine, you will help your company develop low code innovative apps.

To learn more about MS Power Platform benefits, licensing, and features, please contact us. Our team of experts will guide you through the licensing stack that best suits your company’s needs.

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