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Experience Insights: Ensure end-user experience in M365

Ensure end-user experience in M365

For organizations with a large number of users, it may become challenging to measure and manage your employees’ end-user experience with cloud services such as Microsoft 365. This is, because data such as utilization and technical support queries are stored in different places, making it difficult to identify aspects in which users need assistance. Taking this into consideration, Microsoft developed Experience Insights. 

What is Experience Insights?

It is a feature that helps IT admins with an at-a-glance view of core user experience metrics, such as product usage, in-product feedback, Net Promoter Score (NPS) values, and more.  

thumbnail image 1 captioned An image of the Experience insights dashboard home screen in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Source: Microsoft

When can we start using it?

Microsoft announced on August 8th, 2022, that starting that date this dashboard is available in the Microsoft 365 admin center in preview. 

Respecting our users’ privacy

Microsoft has always had the privacy of user-level data as a priority consideration when designing and delivering reports of cloud services. These, like many other Microsoft 365 reports, are aggregated at the tenant level only; no user-level data is available. 

Also, by default, access to these insights is restricted to Global admins, Global readers, and Report readers. 

How to use Experience Insights?

You can access this feature in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Experience Insights helps admins to rapidly understand key user experience signals from Microsoft 365 apps and services. For starters, you can see all this information together, or select the app or service you are interested in learning more about to drill into more data about it. 

This deeper view allows IT admins to see more detailed information on usage, comments submitted through in-product feedback, and NPS surveys.  

Information gathered in these reports helps your organization decide whether you should plan further user training and campaigns, among other things. 

To learn more details about Experience Insights, please read the full Microsoft article.

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