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Microsoft Business Licensing: 7 Ways to Save Money via Microsoft Licensing True Up   

How to save budget for Microsoft Licensing for Enterprises

Are you looking to optimize your organization’s Microsoft Business Licensing strategy? We understand the complexities of managing licenses and are here to help you save money and streamline your licensing processes. Let’s dive into some key tips and tricks to master your Microsoft Business Licensing journey.

1. Understanding Microsoft Licensing for Business

Before diving into optimizations, it’s crucial to understand how to read your licensing information in the 365 Cloud Store portal: 

  • Names: Identify the products and services covered by your licenses 
  • Quantity: Know how many licenses you have for each product/service 
  • Term: Understand the duration of your licenses 
  • Billing Cycle: Note your billing cycle for accurate budgeting 
  • Tags: Use tags for identifying the term and billing cycle your organization is in 

 2. Optimizing Costs by Releasing Unused Microsoft Business Licensing

If you’re on legacy licensing models, leverage the 365 Cloud Store portal to release any unused licenses: 

  • Identify Unused Licenses: Utilize the Microsoft 365 Admin Center to identify licenses that are not actively used. 
  • Release Flexibility: Enjoy the freedom to release licenses at any time, through our 365 Cloud Store portal optimizing your license utilization. 

Microsoft Licensing Management

3. Managing NCE Subscriptions

For organizations on NCE (New Commerce Experience), pay attention to subscription terms and renewal dates: 

  • Subscription Term: Know if your subscriptions are annual or monthly. 
  • Renewal Flexibility: 
    • Within 7-days after renewal, you can adjust licenses or cancel subscriptions. 
    • After 7-days, commit to the quantity of licenses for the term. 

Legacy Microsoft Software to NCE Legacy Microsoft Software to NCE

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4. Optimize Microsoft Subscription License Additions  

When adding licenses, consider these strategies for efficiency: 

  • Add to Existing Subscriptions: Maintain a clean and co-termed environment by adding licenses to existing subscriptions by clicking manage or the action button.
  • New Subscription Considerations: 
    • Opt for new subscriptions only when necessary, avoiding duplication. 
    • Manage renewal dates or opt for co-terming as needed. 
CSP Partener Microsoft Subscription Manager
When purchasing a new subscription from the 365 Cloud Store select in the drop-down menu the custom end date


5. Flexibility in Microsoft Subscription Licensing Upgrades 

Upgrade your subscriptions anytime during the term to access additional features: 

  • Partial or Whole Upgrades: Upgrade specific users or entire subscriptions based on needs. 
  • For example: moving from Exchange Online P1 to P2 for more inbox storage or going from Microsoft 365 Business Basic to Microsoft 365 Business Standard to get access to the downloadable Office desktop applications. 


6. Timing Downgrades and Cancellations 

Plan downgrades or cancellations within the renewal window for seamless transitions: 

  • Renewal Window (7-Days): Utilize this period for adjustments to your subscriptions. 24 hours full refund, proration next 6 days, and no refund after 7 days.

7. Get Guidance from an Expert on Microsoft Licensing at the 365 Cloud Store 

Need personalized guidance or assistance in choosing the best licensing options? Our team of experts at 365 Cloud Store is ready to assist you. Book a no-obligation consultation for tailored recommendations and support to optimize your licensing strategy.  

Mastering Microsoft Licensing is a crucial step towards efficient budgeting and resource utilization within your organization. With 365 Cloud Store’s expertise and these strategic tips, you’re poised to unlock cost savings and streamline your licensing management. Partner with us today for a seamless licensing experience! 

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