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How to buy Microsoft Cloud Licenses?

How to buy Microsoft Cloud Licenses online

When buying Microsoft Cloud products or services, it is important to know you have choices. From buying directly from Microsoft to buying from a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), like the 365 Cloud Store.

Before deciding which option works best for your organization, you need to ask yourself these questions: 

  • What technical resources do we need to drive our digital transformation? 
  • How do we want to manage our invoices and billing? 
  • What are our support needs? 
  • Do we require any special terms in our contract? 

Buying from Microsoft

There are different options to choose from when buying directly from Microsoft, for example: 

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA)

As it is a commitment-based volume licensing program, this agreement works best for larger organizations that want to license Microsoft software and cloud services organization-wide over a 3-year period.

The EA allows for custom terms in case your organization has special licensing needs. It is ideal for those who prefer full control and governance of their cloud infrastructure. 

*Requirement for the EA: 500+ users/devices.

Microsoft Direct

Whether you’re buying directly from their website or speaking to a Microsoft rep, this option provides a simplified purchase agreement through a completely digital experience. It offers flexibility in how and where you buy from, with zero discrimination against your organization’s size. 

This agreement delivers: 

  • An automated processing and a digital acceptance option 
  • The ability to accept your terms once 
  • Real-time purchases on the web 
  • No minimum purchasing requirement 
  • Updates to the agreement as you add products to your portfolio 
  • Perpetual software licenses 
  • Software licenses for on-premises deployment 
  • Single portal for managing Azure technical resources, billing, and invoicing 
  • To enable and manage individual and/or departmental online purchases made within your organization

Online purchases allow you to bring in partners, such as the 365 Cloud Store and Team Venti, with multiple services and solutions.

Buying from a Microsoft Partner through the CSP program 

This option is ideal for customers who prefer outsourcing their cloud infrastructure to expert partners. You can buy software and cloud licenses under one agreement with us, (this will include the terms and conditions with the Microsoft Customer Agreement). 

Buying Microsoft products at the 365 Cloud Store you can: 

  • Have a direct contractual relationship with us 
  • Purchase in-real-time in our online Microsoft Cloud Licenses Store, with no minimum purchase required
  • Receive technical, billing, and licensing support 24/7 
  • Get solutions tailored to your specific business needs 
  • Make transactional purchases for per user cloud services
  • Buy Perpetual Software Licenses
  • Manage your Microsoft Cloud Licenses in a single portal

Understanding the full range of features each of these options offer will help you make an informed decision. Our team of experts is always happy to answer questions, assist you to find the best option for your organization, or give order support. 

Contact us today, we can help your organization thrive in the digital work world.

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365 Cloud Store

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