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How does Microsoft Software licensing work?

How does Microsoft Software Licensing works

Most organizations use software as an essential part of their operations for benefits such as streamlining processes.

So, integrating the right type and volume of Microsoft Software Licenses to your business is crucial to ensure your team’s productivity. The appropriate option depends on the needs and size of your organization.

In this article we will take a look at every aspect of enterprise-based Microsoft Licensing, and we will explain the different types available.

What is Microsoft Software Licensing?

Simply stated, licensing software in volume makes it easier and more affordable to run software on multiple computers within a single licensing organization.

Purchasing licenses in volume often reduces cost and provides more customized licensing options and improved software management.

How to buy software licenses?

There are 3 ways available to purchase Microsoft licenses. The best will be the one that best suits the current requirements of your business.

1. Commercial licensing agreements

It enables organizations to purchase multiple products and services licenses without having to purchase separately packaged products through retail channels.

Microsoft commercial licensing agreements, like the Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Open Value, offer the potential for substantial savings, easy deployment, flexible acquisition, and Software Assurance, among other benefits.

Types of commercial licensing agreements:

  • Enterprise Agreement
  • Open Value
  • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement
  • Select Plus

2. Web Direct

Your organization can subscribe to, activate, provision, and maintain cloud services seamlessly and directly via the web.

3. Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Allowing a workforce to collaborate from anywhere at any time means that companies require the ability to scale quickly to support employees. CSP licenses are more flexible than traditional licensing models. They provide companies with greater control and scalability over their licenses.

Through a CSP, licenses can be purchased through a cloud subscription that is billed on a per-user, per-month pricing model.

The benefits of CSP:

  • Pricing and licensing flexibility.
  • No minimum user, device count, or spend required.
  • Billed monthly on a pay-as-you-go model.
  • CSP pre-sale and post-sale enterprise-class technical support, expert guidance, billing, license procurement, and provisioning etc.
  • Easy integration with Professional Services or Managed Services engagements.

The 365 Cloud Store, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, makes Microsoft Licensing easy, by supporting your digital transformation through offering a consistent and simplified purchase experience, exceptional guidance, hybrid cloud environments, licensing flexibility, and support delivered by friendly experts who will empower your transition to the cloud.

To learn more about how we can help your company leverage this technology efficiently, please give us a call on (833) 448-3684 or book a meeting.

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