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How does Microsoft volume licensing work?

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Simply stated, licensing software in volume makes it easier and more affordable to run on multiple computers within a single licensing organization.

Purchasing licenses in volume often reduces costs and provides more customized licensing options and improved IT management.

With your third-party provider help you must consider three main factors before integrating Microsoft Volume Licensing:

  1. Size and type of the organization: This refers to the number of employees, business model, and size of IT infrastructure.
  2. The software products: Different products are priced and bundled differently.
  3. The use-case scenario: How will the products be used, for how long, and by whom

Types of Microsoft Volume Licensing

Licenses can be either perpetual or non-perpetual.

  • Perpetual licenses are everlasting and valid if the software is being used according to the license agreement and its Software License Terms.
  • Subscription Licenses are temporary and provide the right to use a particular licensed product as described in the license agreement. It is available only through certain comprehensive Microsoft Volume Licensing programs or available for certain products such as Microsoft Online Services, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, and Windows Virtual Desktop Access.

Which Microsoft Volume Licensing is better for my business?


For businesses with up to 250 users

Open Value

Single agreement that offers a 3-year term and allows you to spread your payments over the term of the agreement.

It allows you to add Microsoft licensed products throughout the agreement term with annualized pricing, making it easier for you to manage your cash flow.

For businesses with more than 250 users

Select License

Ideal for large businesses that have mixed product and purchasing requirements. With this option you receive a volume price for each group of products you need (applications, systems or servers) based on a three-year term.

Enterprise Agreement

Allows businesses to standardize their desktops with licensed Microsoft products at a discounted price based on a three-year term.

This option is available as a perpetual or subscription agreement.

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