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Benefits of CSP support for Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft Licensing customer reading benefits of CSP support for Microsoft Licensing

If your business is deciding to migrate to Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure, you need to decide a pathway from Open Programs, Enterprise Agreement (EA) or purchase through a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

If receiving constant support and maintenance is a priority for your business, buying your Microsoft Licensing through CSP may be the best option.

1. 24/7 availability

Through a CSP, your business has access to a local partner dedicated to delivering 24/7 support to your cloud infrastructure. As a result, organizations can benefit from higher availability and IT leaders will have peace of mind by having one reliable point of contact for all questions and support requirements.

2. Monthly billing with no upfront payments

Within the CSP program, you pay only for what you use and receive a consolidated monthly bill with no upfront licensing costs or long-term commitment, unlike the Enterprise Agreement route.

3. Licensing flexibility

Working with a CSP like the 365 Cloud Store gives you the opportunity to manage your own licenses, including renewals or upgrades, through our License Management Portal.

This same portal allows you to add, remove, or cancel licenses at the end of every term.

However, you can always receive support from our certified specialists for any of these tasks.

4. Strong SLAs

By buying through the CSP program, you gain access to a strong service level agreement (SLA) which defines crucial aspects of support such as availability and quality. For instance, providers like the 365 Cloud Store offer continuous support with critical admin assistance and available 30min response SLAs.

5. Licensing expertise

Having a partner with more than 12 years of experience looking after all your Microsoft cloud licenses will get you the best deal and maximize the value of your IT investment.

Buying from a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider program is ideal for customers who prefer outsourcing cloud infrastructure to expert partners or need managed services for part of their business.

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