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365 Cloud Store Client Portal: Self-manage your Microsoft Licenses

365 Cloud Store Client Portal: Self-manage your Microsoft Licenses
365 Cloud Store C3 Portal is an advanced client portal that allows our customers to submit support tickets, project reports, self-managed billing, and more. Here you can manage your Microsoft 365 subscriptions or any other Microsoft licenses you have purchased with 365 Cloud Store.  Sign-in from 365cloudstore.com by clicking on the Portal Login button that is located on the top right corner, using your existing Office 365 admin credentials. 365 Cloud Store Portal Login Upon first sign-in you will be redirected to our CSP Licensing Agreement. 
365 Cloud Store CSP Licensing Agreement
CSP Licensing Agreement
365 Cloud Store Terms and Conditions
Accept terms and conditions
Note: If you get a permissions error but you are an admin or feel that you should be one, please request access by sending an e-mail to support@365cloudstore.com  Once you read and accept it, you will be redirected to your dashboard.  365 Cloud Store Portal Dashboard On the left side of the screen, you will find a menu with the following options: 
  • Portal Users – Here you can see and manage your current users, assign licenses, reset passwords, create new users, and more. 
Portal Users
  • Products – In this page you can update your number of subscriptions or purchase a new product. From this screen you can see current active and suspended licenses, as well as their respective quantity, cost per license, and total per month.  
  • Profile – This section lets you review and edit your current company information and payment details. 
365 Cloud Store Client Portal Profile
  • Invoices – Shows you a list of recent payments and your history of invoices. 
365 Cloud Store Client Portal Invoices Section
  • Support – On the top right corner you can find a headset icon that will take you to our support website.
365 Cloud Store Client Portal Support If you have any questions about how our advanced client Portal works or want to start your journey with 365 Cloud Store to have access to our portal, please contact us today. We are more than happy to help.  
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365 Cloud Store

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