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Microsoft Perpetual Licensing: A way to purchase Microsoft Business Software

A way to purchase Microsoft Business Software

Microsoft perpetual licensing stands as a cornerstone in the realm of software procurement, offering organizations a traditional yet robust way to own and use Microsoft software products. It operates under a perpetual model, providing long-term access to software licenses with a one-time payment, offering an alternative to subscription-based licensing models. 

What is Microsoft perpetual licensing and Microsoft business software? 

Microsoft perpetual licensing and business software are related concepts but not entirely synonymous. 

Perpetual Licensing 

This refers to the licensing model used to acquire software. It involves purchasing a license for software that grants indefinite use of a specific version of the software with a one-time payment. This model contrasts with subscription-based licensing where access to software is granted through ongoing payments. Microsoft offers perpetual licensing for many of its products, allowing users to own and use a specific version of software indefinitely after a one-time purchase. 

Business Software 

This term refers to software applications designed specifically to cater to business needs. These applications can encompass a wide range of software types, including productivity tools like Microsoft Office Suite, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and more. Microsoft Business software can be acquired through various licensing models, including Microsoft perpetual licensing, subscription-based models, or even open-source/free software. 

Microsoft perpetual licensing is one way to acquire Microsoft’s business software, such as Microsoft Office Suite or Windows OS. It’s a licensing approach where users purchase a perpetual license for the software, enabling indefinite use of a specific version. However, Microsoft also offers subscription-based models for its software through offerings like Microsoft 365, which includes a subscription for Office applications along with other services, like cloud storage and collaboration tools. 

In summary, while Microsoft perpetual licensing is a method to obtain business software from Microsoft, it’s not the only method available. Microsoft offers various licensing models for its business software to cater to different user preferences and needs. 

How does Microsoft perpetual licensing work? 

  • One-time purchase: Organizations acquire perpetual licenses for Microsoft products through a one-time payment, providing them with the right to use the software indefinitely. This differs from subscription-based models, where access is tied to ongoing payments. 
  • Ownership and version control: Perpetual licenses provide ownership of a specific software version. Organizations have control over when or if they choose to upgrade to newer versions, allowing them to stay on a particular version for an extended period without mandatory upgrades. 
  • Access to updates and support: Perpetual licenses typically include a limited period of access to updates and support services. This period varies based on the product and licensing agreement but often spans a few years. After this period, extended support may be available for an additional fee. 
  • License mobility and transferability: Perpetual licenses often offer flexibility in deployment, allowing organizations to transfer licenses between devices or users within certain constraints, enabling efficient resource utilization. 
  • Compliance and maintenance: Maintaining compliance with licensing terms is crucial under perpetual licensing. Organizations need to manage and track licenses to ensure compliance with usage rights and avoid penalties associated with non-compliance. 

Purchase Microsoft Cloud Licenses for your Business and receive:

•Licensing expertise
•Flexible billing
•Expert guidance
•24/7 critical admin support

Purchase Microsoft Cloud Licenses for your Business and receive:

•Licensing expertise
•Flexible billing
•Expert guidance
•24/7 critical admin support

Benefits of Microsoft Perpetual Licensing 

  • Cost predictability: One-time payment for perpetual licenses provides cost predictability over the long term, allowing organizations to budget without the uncertainty of recurring subscription fees. 
  • Long-term use: Perpetual licenses grant indefinite use of the software version purchased, giving organizations control over upgrades and updates, ideal for those seeking stability in their software environment. 
  • Ownership and control: Organizations own the perpetual license, enabling greater control over software deployment, version upgrades, and customization to suit specific business needs. 
  • Flexibility and transferability: Perpetual licenses often offer flexibility in license transfer between devices or users, allowing organizations to adapt to changing operational requirements. 

Microsoft perpetual licensing remains a foundational model for acquiring software licenses, offering long-term ownership, cost predictability, and flexibility in software deployment. Understanding the nuances of perpetual licensing empowers organizations to make informed decisions regarding software procurement, ensuring optimal utilization of Microsoft products in alignment with their business objectives. 

While the trend in software licensing has shifted toward subscription-based models, perpetual licensing continues to be a valuable option, particularly for organizations seeking long-term stability, ownership control, and predictable costs in their software investments. 

Ready to harness the power of Microsoft business software? 

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft’s robust suite of business software by partnering with us, your dedicated Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). As your trusted CSP, we offer streamlined access to a comprehensive range of Microsoft business software tailored to meet your organization’s needs. 

Why choose us as your Microsoft CSP? 

  • Save 3% or more*: Guaranteed 3% savings compared to Microsoft published pricing.* 
  • Expert guidance: Benefit from our expertise as a Microsoft CSP. Our team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s business software solutions, ensuring you receive tailored recommendations aligned with your specific requirements. 
  • Personalized support: Enjoy dedicated support and assistance throughout your software procurement journey. We provide personalized services to guide you through the selection, licensing, and deployment of Microsoft business software. 
  • Flexible licensing options: Gain access to a variety of licensing options, including perpetual licensing and subscription-based models, allowing you to choose the most suitable approach for your organization’s preferences and budget. 
  • Seamless integration and deployment: Ensure smooth integration and deployment of Microsoft business software into your existing infrastructure. Our experts streamline the process, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency. 

*Applicable solely to Microsoft US commercial license subscriptions and excludes Government, Academic, or Nonprofit subscriptions. A minimum purchase of 5 licenses is required. Payment via ACH or bank wire is required. We ensure a minimum of 3% savings compared to Microsoft’s published online list pricing upon meeting the aforementioned criteria.

Don’t miss out on the productivity-enhancing tools and capabilities offered by Microsoft’s suite of business software. Elevate your organization’s operations with industry-leading solutions tailored to your needs. 

Get in touch with our Microsoft experts today for a consultation and secure your Microsoft business software through us, your trusted Microsoft CSP. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together! 

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