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Here’s why you should run SQL Server in Microsoft Azure 

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SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines just achieved new, faster, performance benchmarks than ever before. This makes Microsoft Azure the best place to run SQL Server and Windows Server. 

According to a report from GigaOm, you can get mission-critical performance for SQL Server on Azure VMs up to 57% faster and costing up to 54% less than AWS EC2. How? On a price performance basis, with Azure Hybrid benefit on a 3-year-commitment. 

Optimizations like the Ebdsv5 VM series that are tailored to your database workloads and new Premium SSD v2 Disk Storage bring 70% faster performance than a year ago. However, great hardware isn’t the only thing that makes Azure the best place to run your servers. Azure also offers: 

  • Unmatched price offers 
  • Unique Windows Server and SQL Server manageability features 
  • Tools and programs to get your workload to the cloud 
In this image, the results of a recent GigaOm benchmark are show in two graphs. Benchmark data is taken from a GigaOm Transactional Field Test derived from a recognized industry standard, TPC Benchmark™ E (TPC-E). In the first graph for Transactions Per Second, Azure outperforms AWS with 1,836 transactions to AWS’ 1,170 transactions, or 57% faster. In the second graph for US dollars per Transactions per Second, Azure is $33.48 vs. AWS’ $72.83, costing 54% less.
Source: Microsoft


Get the most value for your Windows Server and SQL Server 

Azure allows you to save up to 85% over the standard pay-as-you-go rate, leveraging Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with the Azure Hybrid Benefit when migrating to Azure VMs. 

Unmatched manageability for Windows Server and SQL Server 

If you register your SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines with SQL IaaS Agent Extension, you can get numerous benefits, such as: 

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) 
  • Robust and simple high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) 
  • Built-in, free security and manageability 
  • The possibility of switching between pay-as- you-go licenses or Azure Hybrid Benefit to bring on-premises SQL Server licenses to Azure directly within the Azure Portal 

Virtual machine and storage hardware specially designed for the most critical SQL Server workloads 

Azure EV5 Virtual Machines are optimized for memory-intensive, business-critical applications, as well as relational database servers, and in-memory data analytics. 

Great destinations for modernizing SQL Server 

Azure SQL Managed Instance in the cloud makes a great destination for database modernization, since it is managed and always updated. In addition, it has up to five times faster performance and is 93% more economical than AWS RDS. 

Microsoft Azure is a great destination for modernizing SQL Server, offering fully managed, intelligent and scalable database service. Our organization offers SQL Server, Windows Server, and Microsoft Azure licensing, as well as professional services from our sister organization Team Venti. 

Whether you are looking to migrate to Azure, or optimize your current deployment, we have the expertise and resources to help you get the most out of your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads on Azure. Contact us today to learn more or start shopping now on our online store! 

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