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Primary benefits of acquiring Microsoft 365 with a CSP

Primary benefits of having Microsoft 365 with a CSP

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is designed to help organizations work smarter and faster with innovative tools, such as Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. This collaboration hub with over 300 million paid seats, brings you tools to build and manage your business, stay connected with customers, and safeguard your data, all in one. 

While M365 is a great tool to thrive in the hybrid work world, only acquiring it does not guarantee success. Having your subscriptions with a Microsoft CSP, such as 365 Cloud Store, can help your organization uncover additional benefits.

Benefits of having Microsoft 365 with a CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider) 

Cost savings vs. Microsoft direct 

Acquiring your licenses with partners like us will bring you 6% cost savings on all CSP agreements and 4% on all Azure environments (percentages compared to buying directly from Microsoft).

Azure optimization, managed, and professional services 

Our sister brand, Team Venti, specializes in professional and managed services for any Microsoft technology. You can visit their website by clicking this link. 

24/7 admin support 

As part of your purchase with 365 Cloud Store, we offer your organization admin support available 24/7.

Ease of billing 

We have flexible billing which allows you to choose between quarterly, monthly, annually, or biannually. 

Single invoice, once per month 

Having a family of brands, Team Venti (Professional and managed services), BlueSky UC (Unified Communications), and 365 Cloud Store, you can consolidate all your products and services billings, and receive everything together, once a month. 

Flexible licensing 

You can choose as many kinds of subscriptions and license terms to fit your specific needs. For example, if you have 50 permanent users and an internship program with 10 interns per semester, you can issue your interns’ licenses in a monthly, more flexible, commitment and in subscriptions with fewer tools available. You can also assign, remove, or add licenses within minutes from our License Portal. 

Secure your sensitive data 

Microsoft 365 comes with many security features, however, having a team of experts by your side, whether with our 24/7 admin support or getting cloud security services from Team Venti, we can assure you your sensitive data is more than secure. 

Audit assistance 

We facilitate helping you close any Microsoft audit quickly by letting you know the easiest and quickest ways to provide the required data. 

Microsoft product testing 

If you are new to a Microsoft 365 product, we will cover the cost of 5 licenses for one month to allow you to test a POC in your environment.   

True Microsoft expertise 

Our team of Microsoft experts know all from licensing to configuration assistance. In addition to this, our close connection to Microsoft (As Microsoft Gold Partners), enables us to proactively stay up to date regarding licensing/program changes, new solutions, and time sensitive changes, such as the price increases that took place in March 2022. 

Buy Smart at 365 Cloud Store

Take full advantage of Microsoft 365 with a CSP, like 365 Cloud Store, and with an MSP, like Team Venti, by your side. For more information about licensing or services, please contact one of our experts.


365 Cloud Store

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