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7 Ways Microsoft 365 Helps Healthcare Providers

Microsoft 365 helps healthcare providers - Microsoft 365 Licensing

Healthcare businesses are not only focused on giving patients the best care possible, but also on giving their staff the tools to work better together and communicate quickly; all of this, without putting patients’ sensitive data at risk. Healthcare teams must have high-tech solutions that allow flexibility and boost productivity, to help them give the best service without sacrificing quality or bandwidth. One of these solutions could be Microsoft 365. There are multiple ways in which Microsoft 365 helps Healthcare Providers and today we will talk about them. 

7 ways Microsoft 365 helps Healthcare Providers 


1. Enhance people’s collaboration 

With Microsoft 365, teams get a centralized platform to communicate like Microsoft Teams. It allows them to provide immediate responses to staff requests and patients or to review radiographs, whether they are at the office or on the go. 

2. Increase patient engagement 

Offering virtual and automated follow-ups with Microsoft 365 through Teams will improve patient experience. 

3. Connect your teams securely 

With tools like Defender for Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint, you will allow healthcare staff to help patients on the go. Whether at home from a personal device, from their phones, or from a clinic PC, applying security policies across devices with Intune will connect them securely. 

4. Control patients’ data access 

Microsoft 365 allows you to leverage features like custom permissions, security groups, and policies like requiring users to reset their passwords every said number of days. 

5. Simplify and streamline file sharing 

Work on patient files, reports, and more in real time, uploading them to the cloud with OneDrive for Business. Changes update on sync across devices with built-in security to keep them secure. 

6. Protect sensitive data from cyberattacks 

Modern hackers target organizations indiscriminately. Protect patients’ personal data, medical information, and more with Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365. 

7. Comply with the Healthcare industry standards 

The Microsoft 365 Compliance Center allows Healthcare organizations to simplify compliance with medical and data privacy requirements with capabilities, such as deleting sensitive patient information after the allotted time required by the industry regulations has passed. 

If you are part of a Healthcare organization and you are looking for help to purchase the best Microsoft 365 plan for your needs, do not hesitate to contact one of our licensing experts for guidance. 

On the other hand, if you are already using Microsoft 365 but feel like you could be taking more advantage of it or are not seeing the results we mentioned in this article, please contact our sister brand Team Venti for consulting services. 

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