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New and updated Microsoft 365 deployment guides

Microsoft 365 deployment guides

One starting point to get the most out of your Microsoft investment is to streamline configuration and deployment, as well as getting the right product for each user. To help reduce the time of deployment, we have access to the Advanced deployment guides & assistance page inside the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, along with setup.microsoft.com. During the last quarter of 2022, Microsoft announced some new and updated Microsoft 365 deployment guides. 

What’s new in the Microsoft 365 deployment guides? 

In order to help admins, find guides for the specific services they are deploying, Microsoft updated the search tools, recommendations and layouts for the Advanced deployment guides & assistance page. These new layouts include views that highlight guides for Secure Score, Compliance Score, and Adoption Score to help track key metrics over time. 

Furthermore, admins can now export their progress in Excel and share as needed, rather than documenting and summarizing progress for each deployment process.  

It is not new nor a secret that prioritization is key, which is why it is important to focus on the highest impact services first. As part of this update, admins can now view the top priority actions front and center in the Suggested guides section. As of today, these suggestions are a little more general, however, in the future they will be tailored to your own configuration and licenses. 

New deployment guides on setup.microsoft.com

In this page you can find the same guides that you will find in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. This, so that the admins that don’t have permissions for the admin center can access the information they need. It serves as a learning and guidance resource that is accessible to those who can’t directly sign in to the M365 Admin Center, or whose permissions are limited to other admin centers. 

New Microsoft 365 Advanced deployment guides 

Although Microsoft has done an amazing job making it easier for admins to deploy these tools, remember that our team of Microsoft licensing specialists can help your organization save time and make the most out of your Microsoft licenses. 

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