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Microsoft 365 Licenses Optimization: A Case Study in Efficient Transition

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Microsoft 365 stands as a comprehensive suite, encompassing Office 365 and an array of enterprise services. This subscription service ensures users access cutting-edge Microsoft tools for modern productivity, consistently updated to the latest versions.

In a real-world scenario, First Physicians Capital Group and FP Resources turned to the 365 Cloud Store for assistance with their Microsoft 365 licenses. Operating under an expiring Enterprise Agreement (EA), they faced the challenge of aligning their payments with actual usage.

Our expert guidance:

Our team of experts collaborated closely with First Physicians Capital Group and FP Resources to decode their 3-year EA. Collaborating with Microsoft, we navigated the shifts that had occurred during the term and identified equivalents between the old and new subscriptions.

Upon establishing these parallels, it became evident that the current offerings didn’t align with their evolving business needs and lacked cost-effectiveness. Engaging in discovery calls with the client, our licensing specialists conducted a thorough optimization, culminating in a meticulously crafted customized quote.

Purchase Microsoft Cloud Licenses for your Business and receive:

•Licensing expertise
•Flexible billing
•Expert guidance
•24/7 critical admin support

Purchase Microsoft Cloud Licenses for your Business and receive:

•Licensing expertise
•Flexible billing
•Expert guidance
•24/7 critical admin support

Personalized licensing agreement:

Presenting a tailored one-year agreement enriched with volume and term-based discounts, we ensured maximum benefits. Once the agreement was approved, we orchestrated a seamless transition from their EA to our CSP, a transition devoid of disruptions.

The entire process, from initial discovery to a successful shift to our CSP, was accomplished within a span of 1 month.

With an extensive +13-year history as a Microsoft CSP, our mission revolves around enabling clients to harness Microsoft Cloud offerings effectively. If you are looking to embark on your Microsoft cloud journey supported by certified experts, our accomplished licensing specialists await your contact.

Contact us today to start your optimized Microsoft Cloud journey.

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