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Microsoft 365 E5: 7 things you might be missing

7 things you might be missing from your Microsoft 365 E5 - Microsoft 365 E5 Licensing

One of the most popular Microsoft cloud licenses among businesses is Microsoft 365 E5. Organizations tend to purchase this subscription to enable a specific set of capabilities. While purchasing E5 licenses is more efficient than buying separate apps and add-ons, if you are not taking advantage of every capability it offers, you might be in fact leaving money on the table. Since in Venti Exchange we are all about paying only for what you really need, today we want to talk about 7 things you might be missing from your Microsoft 365 E5 subscription. 

 1. Microsoft Teams Phone 

This capability helps you stay connected with voice and video calls using Teams Phone, whether on computers, mobile devices, desk phones, or tablets. 

Moreover, if your organization has a great number of devices, you can easily add, monitor, and manage all voice and video calls from the Teams admin center. You get 3000 minutes per user/month, which are pooled at a tenant level, so those constant phone users can compensate with those who don’t use this service as much. 

You can contact one of our licensing specialists to start taking advantage of the Teams Phone or go to our sister brand BlueSky UC, which specializes in Microsoft Teams Voice services. 

2. Microsoft Viva Learning 

This platform empowers employees to prioritize their growth and development, making learning part of a natural business day. Each employee can discover, share, and prioritize learning, while the organization can add their own generated learning content, and enable social learning via Teams. 

3. Data Loss Prevention 

Organizations can leverage Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for End Point to monitor actions taken regarding sensitive assets. DLP for Teams helps block any sensitive content from being shared with Microsoft Teams members with guest or external access. Lastly, you can also leverage Automatic Sensitivity Labeling to distinguish files and emails under conditions that you have previously specified. 

4. Defender for Microsoft 365 

This tool helps prevent and detect threats, analyze them and come up with an effective response, along with the Microsoft Defender Application Guard and Safe Documents. You can read more details on Defender for Microsoft 365, here. 

5. Identity and Access Management 

Given the current hybrid state of the workplace, organizations must keep an eye on their users’ behavior when it comes to data and network access. With Azure Active Directory (ADD), admins get a centralized identity and access management cloud solution. 

Other identity and access management capabilities: 

6. Data Lifecycle Management 

You can leverage Rules Based Retention Policies to control how retention settings work, or you can use Machine Learning Based Retention to help detect and classify all your data. Also, using Records Management allows you to manage regulatory, legal, and critical business records for your organization. 

7. Power Platform 

Power Platform shares rich data views and distributes findings with users from within or outside of your organization. This enhances collaboration by enabling comments on the content being worked on. 

Allow your organization to start taking full advantage of your Microsoft 365 E5 subscription and make the most of your IT investment. If you want to right-size your Microsoft licenses or simply want to make sure you are paying for what you need, do not hesitate to contact one of our licensing specialists today, we are here to help. 

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