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6 Ways Microsoft 365 for Business Supports Retailers

6 Ways Microsoft 365 for Business Supports Retailers

The retail industry has faced important changes since the start of the digital era; however, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this movement. Nowadays, customers are looking for contactless and flexible purchase experiences. Even retailers that rely on in-store sales can adapt to this change by offering virtual, appointment-based shopping sessions and product demos.  

Although businesses and customers can benefit from the digital transformation, with the increase of digital technology came the increase of cyberattacks. Which is why retailers, and all businesses, must find a way to keep up with industry trends, while staying secure. Microsoft 365 for Business supports retailers, keep reading to learn how.

Microsoft 365 for Business combines business productivity tools with comprehensive security features for retailers, and organizations from any other industry, to thrive in the modern business world. Today we bring to you 6 ways you can up your retail business with this tool.

How does Microsoft 365 for Business supports retailers?

1. Be less exposed to cyberattacks

Medium sized businesses are the favorite targets for hackers. With Defender for Microsoft 365, retailers can protect customer and product information, among other advanced threat protection tools. 

2. Control who accesses your organizational data

You can reduce concerns about information leaking by applying Do not Copy and Do Not Forward restrictions with Information Rights Management. 

3. Collaborate securely within teams

With Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Teams you allow your employees to securely collaborate from their phones or from a work PC, applying security policies remotely. 

4. Improve cloud security for your data in the cloud

With OneDrive for Business and automatic sync you can keep sensitive work files off laptop drives, and allow your trusted team to access, edit, and collaborate in real time. 

5. Keep up with industry trends and customer demands

With Teams, you can manage digital appointments such as demos, or provide excellent customer service through chat or calls. 

6. Focus on core-business activities

Due to the simplicity of Microsoft 365, you can forget about doing IT tasks and focus on what matters the most for your business growth.

Up the game for your retail business with the easy-to-use productivity tools and comprehensive security features Microsoft 365 for Business offers. To learn more about how Microsoft 365 supports retailers or to receive expert guidance on which plan works best for your organization, please contact one of our licensing experts, we are here to help. 

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