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6 benefits of Microsoft 365 for the legal industry

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Each industry has its own needs and requirements; however, some are more highly regulated than others. The law industry is part of this group. Running a medium sized law firm is not an easy task. From staying ahead of headlines, response times, and having a smooth collaboration to meeting complex compliance and regulation requirements. On top of all this, you also have to protect it from cybersecurity risks. Which is why today we want to talk about the benefits of Microsoft 365 for the legal industry. 

Here are 6 ways Microsoft 365 helps small and medium law firms to meet the unique needs of the legal industry

1. Enhance collaboration

You can speed up response times using a centralized and highly reliable hub like Microsoft Teams, part of the Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. This way, your staff will lower reliance on email and give better response time to co-counsel and opposing counsel. 

2. Protect your information from cyberattacks

As we have mentioned in previous articles, small and medium businesses are the top target for hackers. You can protect your clients’ information and case files with Defender for Microsoft 365 and its advanced threat protection tools. 

3. Safely collaborate between teams and connect with clients

With remote security policies in Microsoft Intune and Endpoint Manager you will allow your employees to serve clients anywhere and from any device. 

4. Control case data access

Microsoft 365 Business Premium has features like custom permissions, security groups, and policies that require users to reset their passwords every certain number of days. This way, you can protect business data and client information by setting rules about who and when can access it.

5. Secure organizational data in the cloud

With OneDrive for Business, you can make it easier for your lawyers to quickly and securely share files. Keeping sensitive information off hard drives. Furthermore, it also allows users to access, edit, and collaborate in real time on the latest versions of the files. 

6. Meet strict industry requirements easily

Tools like the Microsoft Compliance Manager let organizations gain a better visibility into their data privacy and authentication processes. 

Let your law firm thrive in the modern work world and gain peace of mind. Learn more about the benefits of Microsoft 365 for the legal industry by reaching out to our licensing experts today. They can help you choose the Microsoft 365 subscription plan that best suits your needs. 

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