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Optimize Microsoft Cloud Spending with Azure Licensing – Hybrid Benefit

Optimize Microsoft Cloud Spending with Azure Hybrid Benefit blogpost header

Looking to maximize your savings on Microsoft Cloud licensing expenses? In our comprehensive guide on reducing Azure licensing costs, “7 Proven Strategies to Optimize Your Azure Costs”, we unveiled effective techniques for cutting down expenses. In this article, we’re unveiling another game-changing approach that deserves a spot on your cost-saving arsenal:

Harnessing the Power of Azure Licensing – Hybrid Benefit for Unmatched Savings

Discovering and capitalizing on the Azure Licensing – Hybrid Benefit program stands as one of the simplest yet most impactful avenues for slashing your Azure ownership costs.

Unveiling the Magic of Azure Licensing:

By seamlessly integrating your existing on-premises licenses, particularly Windows and SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance (SA), into the Azure ecosystem, you can unlock savings of up to a staggering 85% when compared to conventional pay-as-you-go rates.

Seamless Integration with Azure Licensing – Hybrid Benefit:

The ingenious Azure Hybrid Benefit empowers organizations to seamlessly extend their licenses protected by Software Assurance (SA) or other subscriptions into Azure, especially when migrating on-premises Windows Server or SQL Server workloads.

Eliminate the Dreaded Double-Cost Scenario:

Migrating servers typically bring forth the concern of incurring redundant expenses for both on-premises and cloud licenses during the migration phase. And let’s not forget the supplementary burdens of added security and infrastructure expenditures.

However, with Azure Licensing – Hybrid Benefit, you steer clear of such duplications. You’re only billed for the supplementary infrastructure, unlike the conventional practice with alternative cloud providers, which necessitates repurchasing Windows Server licenses alongside payments for both on-cloud and on-premises licenses.

An Extra Edge – Leverage for Linux:

Azure Licensing Hybrid Benefit extends its generosity to encompass existing Linux workloads on the Azure platform. You get to exclusively pay for virtual machine infrastructure costs, saving substantially.

*Embrace Azure migration with the assurance of three years of free security updates for Windows and SQL Server workloads post the support cycle.


Azure Licensing with the 365 Cloud Store

Work with an Azure partner for complete, managed Microsoft Azure Licensing

Azure Licensing with the 365 Cloud Store

Work with an Azure partner for complete, managed Microsoft Azure Licensing

Unlocking Windows Server Economy:

Similar to the Linux approach, moving your Windows Server onto Azure confines your financial concerns to virtual machine infrastructure expenses, with the Windows Server license being safeguarded by SA.

*Quick Clarification: Software Assurance is exclusively accessible within commercial licensing agreements. Find comprehensive details about Software Assurance in our provided resources.

Revolutionizing SQL Server Expenditure:

Azure Licensing Hybrid Benefit’s wonders extend to SQL Server as well. Customers holding SA can seamlessly leverage their on-premises licenses while operating SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. This unparalleled offer allows customers to harness their existing SQL Server licenses across both IaaS and PaaS environments.

Endless Possibilities for Azure Optimization:

Our dedicated team of certified experts is committed to steering your organization through myriad options for fine-tuning Azure expenditure. Partner with us to capitalize on your Microsoft technologies while achieving unparalleled cost efficiency. 

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