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Azure in the Microsoft Customer Agreement

Azure in the Microsoft customer agreement

The Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) was created to simplify your purchase experience by offering greater flexibility in how and where you buy from. It provides you with tools and terms to help you choose the most cost-effective solutions and optimize your cloud spending.

With the Microsoft Customer Agreement, Microsoft created a new buying experience built for cloud services.

Azure in the Microsoft Customer Agreement streamlines purchasing with no lengthy required reducing your administrative tasks and administrative overhead. Simply accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement and take advantage of the new invoice and cost management capabilities. It helps you understand and optimize your Azure costs, all in the same portal where you manage your Azure services.

How does it work

To create a new billing account, you have to accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement. You’ll use this new billing account to track the costs of your Azure services, plus manage invoices and payments.

You will get enhanced billing and cost-management capabilities. This, to support you in your ongoing use of Azure services and business growth.

In the following infographic, Microsoft describes how your billing will be organized:

Diagram showing the Microsoft Customer Agreement billing hierarchy

Source: Microsoft

Whether you have an SMB or an Enterprise Agreement, you can talk to your CSP about transitioning your Azure services to the Microsoft Customer Agreement, with little to no service interruption.

For more information about how the Microsoft Customer Agreement is used to purchase all offers available in the Cloud Solution Provider program, reach out, our experts are ready to help. 

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