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Azure Developer CLI: Build apps for the cloud, faster

Azure Developer CLI building apps for the cloud in her multiple screen computer setup

On July 12th, 2022, Microsoft announced the availability in public preview of the Azure Developer CLI (azd). This is a new, open-source tool to accelerate the time it takes to get started on Azure. The Azure Developer CLI provides developer-friendly commands that map to key stages in your workflow: code, build, deploy, monitor, repeat. This, to create provision and deploy a new application in just one step. 

Developers can use this tool with extensible templates that include everything they need to get an application up and running in Azure. These templates include best practices, application code, and reusable infrastructure as code assets. 

This new version is built upon the foundations of Azure CLI. One can use both tools together, as and if needed, in order to support Azure workflow. In the Microsoft Developer Hub you can get a quick and more detailed intro to this new tool. 

Write code for the cloud with Azure Developer CLI 

This helps developers answer common questions that come up when it comes to building, deploying, and securing applications. For example: 

  • Which services should I use with my code? 
  • Which libraries do I need to use? 
  • How should I set up my local development environment? 
  • How do I provision the necessary infrastructure for my application? 
  • How do I know what I’m doing are security best practices? 

In a few words, the Azure Developer CLI provides a clear path for building applications in the cloud. You can read more detailed information about this new tool in the official announcement published by Microsoft’s developers blog, here. 

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