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Azure Developer CLI: Build apps for the cloud, faster

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Accelerate Your Cloud Development with Azure Developer CLI

On July 12th, 2022, Microsoft announced the public preview of the Azure Developer CLI (azd), a groundbreaking, open-source tool designed to streamline the process of getting started on Azure. The Azure Developer CLI offers developer-friendly commands that correspond to key stages in the development workflow: code, build, deploy, monitor, and repeat. This tool allows you to provision and deploy a new application with a single command.

Key Features of Azure Developer CLI

The Azure Developer CLI comes equipped with extensible templates that provide everything necessary to get an application up and running on Azure. These templates incorporate best practices, application code, and reusable infrastructure-as-code assets, ensuring that you have a robust starting point for your cloud projects.

Built on the foundation of the Azure CLI, the Azure Developer CLI is designed to work seamlessly with the Azure CLI, offering enhanced support for Azure workflows. You can find a detailed introduction and quick start guide for this powerful new tool on the Microsoft Developer Hub.

Why Choose Azure Developer CLI?

The Azure Developer CLI addresses several common challenges developers face when building, deploying, and securing cloud applications. It provides clear guidance on:

  • Choosing Services: Which Azure services are best suited for your application?
  • Selecting Libraries: Which libraries should you use for optimal performance and security?
  • Setting Up Local Environments: How to configure your local development environment for seamless integration with Azure.
  • Provisioning Infrastructure: How to provision the necessary infrastructure for your application with ease.
  • Ensuring Security: How to implement and follow security best practices.

In essence, the Azure Developer CLI offers a streamlined and efficient path for developing applications in the cloud, helping you focus more on coding and less on setup and configuration.

For more detailed information about the Azure Developer CLI, you can read the official announcement on Microsoft’s Developer Blog here.

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