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7 ways to optimize your Azure costs today

optimize azure costs

How do I control Azure costs? Which subscription is required for Azure cost management? How do I track my Azure spend? What tools can I use to manage Azure budgets? These are the Google most asked questions regarding Azure cost and billing. 

Managing your cloud spending and focusing on what matters most to your organization can seem complex. However, there are certain tools and offers designed to help you make the most out of your Microsoft Cloud, while cost-saving.  

In this post you will learn how to optimize workload costs, understand and forecast your bill, and overall, control your Azure spending. 

1. Shut down unused resources

With Azure Advisor you can get recommendations on which resources to shut down and forecast how much you can save if you do so. 

2. Right-size underused resources

This same tool will get you recommendations on reconfiguring or consolidating underutilized resources. 

3. Reserve instances for consistent workloads

Prepaying on annual or multi-year terms will allow you to lock in prices and get a discount of up to 72% on pay-as-you-go pricing. 

4. Take advantage of the Azure Hybrid Benefit

You can save big by migrating your on-premises workloads to the Azure cloud and SQL Server. 

5. Configure autoscaling

Dynamically allocate and de-allocate resources to match your performance needs, while saving costs. 

6. Set up budgets and allocate costs to teams and projects

Azure Cost Management allows you to create and manage budgets for your Azure services. With this tool you can also monitor your organization’s overall cloud spending. 

7. Choose the right Azure compute service

Your organization can operate more cost-efficiently by selecting the right computer services for your applications, out of the many ways that Azure offers to host your code.

Get help managing your costs from expert partners

An Azure partner, like the 365 Cloud Store, can help you with cost management and support. Get guidance from certified experts and move forward confidently, knowing our team is committed to your organization’s success. 

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